Friday, August 17, 2012


Imagine that you are assistant coach of the Boston Bruins (pick your own team if the Bruins don't work for you...although I can't imagine why they wouldn't!). The game is going along ok, although at the moment your opponents seem to have the upper hand (or stick, as the case may be). 
Suddenly, a new player (X) appears on your bench. This player has a reputation of great all around stick handling on offense or defense. This player can set up the shots for another player or take the shot and score...every time.
X shuffles over to you and says, "Put me in coach. I'm ready to play." Awesome! The only problem is, you and the coach can't quite decide where to play this lightning on ice. The right wing is looking a little ragged, so maybe that's the problem. Or maybe your center needs some shoring up. It's kind of hard to tell because the action is happening fast. The two of you confer and decide that the first thing that needs to happen is "stop the other team's offense" You put your player in and 'boom!' the ice heats up and the opposition rarely gets to touch the puck, let alone score. Your player is stealing the puck, passing with accuracy, never going off sides, always hitting their mark. This is great...but you are still down on the scoreboard. Even if your player continues to keep the puck away from the opponents sticks, you are still in the hole.
The other players on your team are watching the new player, and they are inspired. They begin to play better hockey than the Bruins have seen since Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito! They are razzling and dazzling...but still not change in the score. You confer with the coach and decide, maybe you need to shift this gifted player to another position. Perhaps if player X moved into offense, you could change the score. You call X over, (not a bead of sweat on X's brow...)and you say, "We're moving you to offense. We need a big score here or we'll lose the game." X smiles and says, "Put me in coach, I'm ready to play." X moves into position, gets the puck from one  of the newly inspired team mates, moves down the ice toward the opposing goal, fakes out the defense, sets, shoots, scores! The crowd goes wild...the team goes wild...but the game isn't over. The score is tied. That is not a win and player X loves to win! 
"Hey coach," player X says while skating by you, "I haven't gotten a chance to play goal yet. Put me in coach, I'm ready to play!"
You look at the coach and decide on the spot, "Why not?!" The team is on fire. They are ready to respond to the challenge. Nothing is going to get by X, even if the defense comes up short. Let's get the focus on the goal.

The puck is at center ice. Face off. The opposition gets control of the puck and send it down toward your goalie. X ably defends the goal and looks around to the team. The Bruins are ready. X passes to the left wing. Left wing takes it up the ice, crosses the blue line, passes to right wing, to center, to left wing, to center, shoots, SCORE! THE BRUINS WIN! THE GAME IS OVER!  THE TEAM PILES ON TO X! THE CROWD CHEERS AND WHIPS THEIR SHIRTS AROUND OVER THEIR HEADS! You and the coach high five in victory as X pulls out of the pile and skates over to your box.

"Hey coach, when's the next game? I'm ready to play."

Moral of this story: Tapping Prayer is a team effort. It may take some shifting around of the Spirit to finally discover which position will win the game, but God is always ready to play and bring us healing peace.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This morning I will go public to my peers regarding "tapping prayer." I will share a brief overview of my hybrid version of the Basic Recipe for tapping, and then we'll get down to business. I have worked with many people using this hybrid, and it has yielded very good results. The people I have worked with have experienced peace, and confidence, and a new perspective thanks to the healing work of the Holy coursing through their souls and focusing on their problems.

Ironically, I have not had as much success with my own issues. Here and there I have been able to bring 8's down to 1's or 2's...but after a bit the numbers start inching upward again. I have tapped and prayed on many issues of abuse that may have been the catalyst of this kink in my spiritual hose, but almost always, the numbers come back up. This has not been true for others I work with, so I got to wondering about why I was having this road block.

When I prayer tap, I use the set up phrase: "Even though.....I am deeply loved and completely accepted by God." I believe that phrase to be true. When I was called into ministry I distinctly heard God's voice say, "Be mine." to me. It was a moment of complete and utter acceptance. And it made me happy. And it made me scared. And I wrote that combo of feelings off as a "holy tremor" or "being overwhelmed in the presence of God." Today I'm not so sure about that.

As I prepared myself for today's meeting, I found myself growing more and more anxious. I attended to the various issues that were presenting themselves, went deeper, envisioned the meeting...I was being thorough. I experienced brief relief from my 7's of anxiety...and then it would start creeping up again, to the point where I felt like I was being choked. "When have I felt that before?" I wondered.

When I was younger, my father was very abusive to me. He beat me and sexually abused me. "Accepted" meant "the calm before the storm" or, "the calm right after the storm." Often times that storm involved me gasping for air. AHA!

My set up phrase was sabotaging me! "...completely accepted..." meant, "no matter what, Dad will get you in the end." "Dad will destroy your joy; your peace; your sense of safety." Fortunately, Dad is not God. Dad is not Holy. God can heal, even screwed up wiring around being accepted.

Even though I feel unsafe with being accepted, I can feel safe being accepted by God because I am deeply loved.
God will not hurt me.
God desires to heal me.
God desires for me to feel peace.
God's acceptance is not Dad's acceptance.
God's acceptance is OK.
Even though I have trouble breathing when I am completely accepted by God, I am deeply loved.

I am breathing easier now. The next few hours will tell me if there is something else to explore. 

I am deeply loved...and you are, too. Sometimes it takes a new understanding of that love in order to accept it.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


When I was 9...or maybe 12, I believed in magic snowflakes. I had cut them out a few years before and had hung them in the living room windows of our second floor apartment, and that night we had 6” of snow. Enough to cancel school for the day. Enough so that my brother and I could go sliding with our friends in the lots at the end of our street. Enough so we could get out of the house for the day and play and laugh and get soaked.
Every time I taped the magic snowflakes to those windows, we would get snow...and so I believed in them.
One December (after several seasons of success with the magic snowflakes which I stored in my sock drawer during the off season) my mother asked me why I was so intent on hanging “those wrinkly things” on the living room windows? “You’re just going to make a mess.” she said.
“The tape won’t come off and we’ll have to take a razor to the windows.” she said.
“But they’re magic” I said.
“They’re what?” she said.
“They’re magic” I said, and then proceeded to explain my theory of the “magic snowflakes.”
“That’s stupid” she said.
“Grow up” she said.
“What a ridiculous idea” she said, as she took my magic snowflakes and threw them away.

Next week I am introducing a group of clergy to “tapping prayer.” As people began saying, “yes” to my invitation I felt myself growing more and more anxious. “What if they thought I was stupid?” “What if they scoffed at this new way of praying that I have seen work in dozens of situations?” “What if they discounted this really cool thing that I was excited to tell them about?”
“What if they said, ‘Grow up’ and tossed my wrinkly presentation in the trash?”

I took those issues to God and prayer tapped on them using the basic recipe:

Even though I have this magic snowflake presentation....I am completely loved and deeply accepted by God.

Even though Mom took my snowflakes away.
Even though Mom said, "stupid" and "grow up" and "what a ridiculous idea" That look on her face...that look of disgust and scorn and ridicule on Mom's face. I felt so defeated...I am completely loved and deeply accepted by God.
Even though this tapping prayer might be considered "flaky" by some people...I am completely loved and deeply accepted by God.
I forgive those who took away my snowflakes in the past.
I forgive myself for letting go of the magic/the mystery for awhile, because I was afraid to be dismissed.
I let go of the expectation that my "magic" will be everyone's "magic".

It's OK to have hope...It's OK to dream dreams...and I've seen this tapping prayer hope work, so I know it's more than a dream...I am deeply loved and completely accepted by God...which is a pretty cool mystery unto itself.
And not so ridiculous...maybe a little flaky...but not so stupid.
And not something to throw away.
Even though I have this magic snowflake presentation...I am completely loved and deeply accepted by God.

After 4 rounds, my anxiety went from a 9 to a 1. I am looking forward to sharing tapping prayer with my colleagues next week. A few of the people who couldn't make that meeting asked if I would schedule another time to show them this new way of praying. I think it will be a pretty cool time.

I am completely loved and deeply accepted by God...magic snowflakes and all.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012


To EFT Universe, et al,

Greetings from Belchertown, MA where EFT and Tapping is now planted, taking root, and is beginning to poke through the rocky soil!

My name is Todd Farnsworth and I began my journey with EFT a year and a half ago when I received training in the basics at a workshop for helping veterans. Since that time I have had more training and I have  become more intrigued by the possibilities of EFT. In my setting as a local pastor (24 years in the United Church of Christ) I have begun using tapping as part of my ministry.

I have been interested to read in your newsletter about the ways science has been supporting the findings of EFT. From the big article that came out in late Spring (albeit a bit premature)  to Brain Wave testing. EFT is in the news!

I will be sharing some basic EFT with fellow clergy in a couple of weeks and as I was preparing my remarks about it, I felt my anxiety beginning to grow. This will be my “coming out” party re: tapping, and I’d like it to go well. When I identified the anxiety I began to tap on it, and I wanted to share with you something that I think is important.

One of the issues I tapped on was: “this EFT that defies hard science.” As I felt my anxiety drop from a 7 to a 0 I realized that EFT doesn’t need to answer to “hard science” anymore than religion/faith has to line up squarely with archaeological  evidence!

Faith is not about repeatability, it is about experience that is personal and relational and profound and transformative. I believe that EFT/Tapping serves a similar purpose. It takes the client and the practitioner closer to a healing power that is beyond themselves, and focuses that healing energy/spirit/chi so that peace may prevail.

One of the conundrums our modern era presents is a bias towards logic and scientific discovery. I have no problem with scientific discovery (I was a Biology major in college), it has brought many valuable gifts into the world and made them accessible to the masses. My concern is that when we try to squeeze mystery into the controlled box of science, we do both disciplines a disservice. I believe that both EFT and science can live side by side as complimentary studies of the same phenomena. EFT focusing on healing and peace. Science focusing on how that works, if it can be determined. We can use our language. The scientists can use their language. We are about different goals, and that is OK.  

I am going to go forward with more training in EFT (I just purchased Gary Craigs Art of Delivery videos and I’m gobbling them up!) and I look forward to growing the flock who looks to it as a resource for healing in their lives (as a pastor, I combine EFT with prayer to allow people within the Christian tradition to experience the healing touch of  God’s Spirit). I will encourage my colleagues to “embrace the mystery” that makes a difference. I’m not going to  worry about the science behind EFT (I already tapped on that!). I’m just going to keep on marveling at the rapid and life transforming results that it yields to the people I minister to and with.
Rev. Todd Farnsworth

ps. for more reading about faith and science, please check out this interesting article: Understanding science and religion

Friday, July 20, 2012

Tapping on the Tragedy in Colorado

This morning we awoke to the tragic news of a gunman killing several people in a movie theater in Aurora, CO. Hundreds of other theaters around the country were showing the same movie without incident, but the horror which took place in this one theater holds us in its grip. 
Our son had seen the same movie last night. Had a great time with his friends. Today, we are all a bit shaken by what happened to people we don't know...because it coulda been us. It coulda been our kid. It coulda been our theater. It coulda been our the time it was our tragedy...different circumstances...but a tragedy nonetheless, and we were directly impacted by a senseless act of violence.
It might have been on 9/11/2001. It might have been at the time of the Oklahoma bombings. It might have been a friend who was killed by a drunk driver...or a driver who was texting.
When we read about or hear about similar scenarios of violence that don't make sense, we tend to recoil...literally "coil again." Like a snake. We tense up. Become hyper sensitive. Prepare to attack or take flight because something has threatened us, or perhaps, the thought of something has threatened us.

Tapping Prayer can assist us in dealing with those strong, sometimes paralyzing feelings associated with random acts of violence. 

  • Take note of how tense you are feeling when you see a report about the shooting in CO. On a scale of 1-10, how hard does it push your buttons.
  • Try to remember a time from your own life, when something left you feeling similarly. Give that memory a title, such as: The Time I Was Cut Off in Traffic by someone who had fallen asleep at the wheel, and almost hit an oncoming car (note: it doesn't have to be an elegant title, just a title that makes sense to you.)
  • Begin tapping your Karate Chop point (see Basic Recipe) and say the words:  Dear God who calls me to peace, i am troubled today by a memory that holds me in its grip. It is a memory that, when I think of it, I experience a # of anxiety or fear. It is a strong fear for my life, and I am ready to entrust it to you so that I can feel peace. Even though I have this (insert title of your memory here), I am deeply loved and completely accepted by you.
  • Top of Head: Even though I am troubled by this (insert title), I am deeply loved and completely accepted by you.
  • Continue with same words at each tapping point, then return to top of head...
  • Top of Head: This frightening memory.
  • Eyebrow: This time when things were out of control
  • Outer Eye: This time when I felt so afraid.
  • Under Eye: This time when I wondered where you were, God.
  • Under Nose: This time when I felt alone.
  • Under Lip: This frightening time.
  • Collarbone: This # memory.
  • Underarm: This fear filled incident in my life.
  • Top of head: Even though I have this fear filled incident, I am deeply loved and completely accepted by you.
  • Eyebrow: I am not alone.
  • Outer Eye: You are watching out for me and those I love.
  • Under Eye: You are ready to pick up the pieces when things fall apart.
  • Under Nose: You are my healing God.
  • Under Lip: You can help me feel peace.
  • Collarbone: Your Spirit can bring me healing.
  • Underarm: Even though I am troubled by this (insert title), I am deeply loved and completely accepted by you.
  • Top of Head: I am deeply loved and completely accepted by you...and for that I am grateful. Amen.
  • Take a deep breath and then exhale.
  • Try thinking about the incident that you were tapping on. Check what number you are feeling about the incident now. Try thinking about the incident in CO. See if that number has come down any. If it has not come down, try tapping directly on that incident.
God is present in our healing. By tapping through with prayer, we can activate the Holy Spirit to bring about that healing more directly and efficiently. 

May our loving Creator be with you and all of our sisters and brothers in Aurora, CO in the days to come. May the Holy bring you healing.

Monday, July 16, 2012


The old Sherlock Holmes used a magnifying glass to get a closer look at the evidence he was trying to make sense of. In the new BBC series, Sherlock turns his eye to electron microscopes to decipher the clues hidden within the case he is solving.
Tapping Prayer follows a similar progression. We need the big picture of a problem and then follow that with a closer, and then a closerrrr look at the issue that is keeping us from feeling peace. 
A good way to move closerrr to an issue is to start with a feeling that is troubling you and attach it to an event that left you feeling the same way. Use my Basic Recipe to take down the high anxiety attached to the basic event, and as you do that, notice what other events rise up from underneath. Make a note of those events and feelings, and then put God's attention to those issues. One by one you will discover your peace grows as your anxiety is leveled by the healing power of the Holy Spirit. 
Too often we stop with what we can see with our eyes. By looking closerrr we can experience a healing like we read about in the Bible. The stuff that makes us scratch our heads and proclaim: "Miracle."

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



Psalm 138 is a prayer written toward God. It expresses the author's gratitude for the Holy's presence in his/her life.
As I read this psalm I was moved to incorporate energy work into my experience of the prayer. I invite you to follow along and experience how the Holy Spirit can bring us closer to understanding the feelings the psalmist presents in Psalm 138.

Read Psalm 138.

Psalm 138

I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart;
    before the “gods” I will sing your praise.
I will bow down toward your holy temple 
    and will praise your name 
    for your unfailing love and your faithfulness, 
for you have so exalted your solemn decree
    that it surpasses your fame. 
When I called, you answered me; 
    you greatly emboldened me.
May all the kings of the earth praise you, Lord,
    when they hear what you have decreed.
May they sing of the ways of the Lord,
    for the glory of the Lord is great.
Though the Lord is exalted, he looks kindly on the lowly; 
    though lofty, he sees them from afar.
Though I walk in the midst of trouble,
    you preserve my life. 
You stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes; 
    with your right hand you save me. 
The Lord will vindicate me;
    your love, Lord, endures forever 
    do not abandon the works of your hands.

How connected do you feel to it? 1-10.
Write that number down.
Let’s take a deep breath and begin tapping into psalm 138 together...

Psalm 138
Begin with Thyroid Thump(tap on area over top of sternum)  (place of energy/Spirit)  while reading: I give you thanks, O LORD, with my whole heart;
Tap sides of hands together (place of joy):  before the gods I sing your praise;

Sweep hands up front of legs  from bottom of your feet up to heart(touches spirit paths on front of body);:  I bow down toward your holy temple and give thanks to your name for your steadfast love and your faithfulness;

sweep to outer fingertips on both sides:  for you have exalted your name and your word above everything.

Sweep hands from finger tips, up back of arm,  to behind neck on both sides,: On the day I called, you answered me, you increased my strength of soul.

hands over heart and then sweep up, over the head and back down to feet on backside of body (contacts spirit paths on back of body) : All the kings of the earth shall praise you, O LORD, for they have heard the words of your mouth.

Thyroid Thump:  They shall sing of the ways of the LORD, for great is the glory of the LORD.

Tap eyebrow (place of inner peace and emotional healing) :  For though the LORD is high,
Tap outer eye (place of compassion and understanding) :  he regards the lowly;
Tap under eye (place of contentment/safety) : but the haughty he perceives from far away.

Tap under nose (place of empowerment/shift) :  Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve me against the wrath of my enemies;

Tap under lip (place of clarity/self acceptance) : you stretch out your hand, and your right hand delivers me.

Tap collarbone (place of moving forward):  The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me;

Tap underarm (place of compassion for self and others) :  your steadfast love, O LORD, endures forever.
Wrists (place of connecting with present moment): Do not forsake the work of your hands.
Top of Head (place of spiritual connection/discernment) : Amen and Amen.

Now, place your hands over your heart, or your fingertips together, and take a deep breath. 

Think about Psalm 138, and how connected do you feel to it? to its author?
Did you have any insights into the psalm as you were tapping into it as a prayer?

Did any parts of the Psalm cause you to experience strong feelings of joy or discomfort? If so, go back to those verses, and tap on them in particular, (You can do that by saying: “Even though I have this verse, or this word, or this feeling...I am deeply and completely loved by God” while tapping on all of the points we tapped on today.  Listen for what God is trying to teach you through those verses. Test out your findings by sharing them with me or a friend who you trust. 

I do believe that God desires us to experience healing and wholeness. Like the Psalmist, I am grateful for the Holy’s presence and support in my life. I am grateful for new ways of interacting with the Holy. I am grateful for the deepening of connections I experience with God’s Spirit.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Tapping The Lord's Prayer

Many people are familiar with the Lord's Prayer. It is a staple of the Christian faith community. I recently prayer tapped the Lord's Prayer (as I know it, you may want to substitute the words you use for this particular prayer) and found that as I went through it the second and third time, I was connecting with the words in a new and powerful way. I invite you to try this simple tapping prayer and let me know how it effects you. Before you begin, imagine yourself connecting to the Lord's Prayer. On a scale of 1-10, (1 IS A LITTLE, 10 IS A LOT) how connected are you?

Begin at the
  • Karate Chop point--OUR FATHER, WHO ART IN HEAVEN
  • Top of head-- HALLOWED BE THY NAME...
  • Eyebrow-- THY KINGDOM COME...
  • Outer Eye-- THY WILL BE DONE...
  • Under Eye-- ON EARTH.
  • Under nose--.. AS IT IS IN HEAVEN--
  • Eyebrow--AND THE POWER
  • Under Eye--AMEN
  • Under Nose--AMEN
  • Under Lip-- AMEN
  • Collarbone-- AMEN
  • Underarm-- AMEN
  • Wrists-- AMEN
  • Karate Chop-- AMEN.
  • Fold hands over heart and take a deep breath.
Take a moment to think about how connected you are to the Lord's Prayer. How has the Holy Spirit been moved in you? What words did you find yourself tapping on a little bit longer? Take some time to revisit those words and listen for how the Holy is calling you into a deeper relationship.


Role of Tapping Prayer Coach

Rev. Todd Farnsworth
I am not a licensed health care professional and I do not dabble in medical diagnosis or care.
I am an ordained minister (1987-present) in the United Church of Christ
I am pastor of an Open and Affirming church (
I am Level 1 ACEP certified for energy psychology (5/12).
I am Level 2 Trained for Emotioinal Freedom Technique (Greg Carpenter, 11/11)
I am bound by the Code of Ethics put forth by the United Church of Christ  (UCC) as well as the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP).

I've been trying to figure out how to describe my role in Tapping Into Prayer Now. I just tapped and prayed and I realize that there probably are no perfect words to describe a unique experience. There is only the experience itself and the after effects of that moment.

I have been sharing tapping prayer with people in my community for 6 months now. I am impressed by the way it has connected folks who have felt detached from God, detached from the Holy, detached from any higher power, reconnect. I have been amazed at the ways people have been emboldened by the prayers. I have been mystified by how easy it is to do and how fast it all works. I guess that is why I'm in this. It is fun, fast, and it seems to be helping people.

Above are my qualifications to be a tapping prayer coach. Below is how I see my role in the journey.

My role as a tapping prayer coach is to help folks focus the healing presence of God’s Spirit (the Holy, Jesus' love, Source Energy, Higher Power, etc) on to issues that are concerning them and keeping them from experiencing peace. Some of these issues may have early childhood roots. Some of them may stem from more recent incidents. By using techniques from the disciplines of Energy Psychology (see ACEP ) and my experience of 24 years ministry in the United Church of Christ, I offer an opportunity for healing that is both rapid and long lasting. I cannot guarantee "success" in every case, but I can guarantee that if we do not experience "success" in a given session, there is no charge for my ministry. Really.

My practice takes place in one on one sessions or in educational settings such as a retreat, seminar, or Bible study. My hope is to help you experience the closeness of the Holy now

--Rev. Todd Farnsworth.

Friday, June 1, 2012



This past year I attended a workshop for people who wanted to help veterans find peace. At the workshop I was exposed to a protocol called Emotional Freedom Technique (which was developed by Gary Craig). It was the weirdest thing I had ever seen. We were told to think of a problem and then tap on various parts of our body, to relieve the stress associated with the problem.


A few months later, clergy who had attended the first workshop were invited back for a Level 1 EFT training experience. It was still as weird as ever, but somehow the holy was stirred in me to pay closer attention to what was going on. I noticed that there were real changes happening for the people who volunteered to be "test subjects" in the training. This was very strange stuff!
After passing the training, I decided I would introduce it to some of my parishioners who were dealing with difficult situations. In most cases their anxiety level was dramatically reduced, and they began to experience peace around issues that had plagued them for a long time. They were emboldened to try new strategies. They experienced a union with the holy that had not been a part of their journey in the past.

In the cases that did not go as well, I realized in reflecting on them that I had not properly administered the tapping. I am a rookie, and there were some situations I needed to grow in before I could facilitate the kind of spiritual calm I hoped for all my community.

I attended a 2 day training in Energy Psychology presented by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and I learned new methods to go deeper with the tapping I had become intrigued with. During the ACEP training, I began to wonder, "What does this have to do with the ministry I am a part of?" "Is this so outside the mainstream that I would be considered a heretic for practicing these methods as part of my work?" "How do I translate 'meridians' and 'chakras' into a language that my parishioners and many mainline people of faith could understand and feel comfortable around?"

Below is my first attempt to translate this material. It is the basis of my answer to "What is Tapping Into Prayer Now"?

TAPPING INTO PRAYER NOW (AKA:MERIDIAN HEALING) is a spiritual practice wherein the ancient art of following the flow of the Holy Spirit through the body is used to bring balance and peace to individuals who are experiencing spiritual distress. Various protocols and techniques that have been tested and accepted by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology are employed to: identify disturbances in the movement of the Spirit; adjust and correct various disturbances of the Spirit; allow the individual to experience a deeper peace and connection with the Holy.

A few assumptions I make about Tapping Into Prayer Now:

  • Tapping Into Prayer Now is not a manipulation of God's will. It is a focusing of God's healing intention on a particular problem or issue that we are facing. God will do what God will do.
  • It is my belief that God desires us to be whole and peaceful.
  • It is my belief that God works to create wholeness and peacefulness in us.
  • It is my belief that the Holy Spirit exists beyond us, within us, between us, physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually. When our relationships are healthy, the Spirit flows easily in all of these states. If there is a disruption of flow (caused by a number of catalysts: drugs, gossip, violence, overeating, disrespecting others, traumatic experiences...) our relationship with the Spirit can be severed or tangled up in unhealthy ways.
  • It is my belief that the Holy Spirit heals us. It connects us. It emboldens us. It forgives us. It transforms us.  It centers us in God’s loving presence. For Christians, it awakens us to Jesus’ grace and teaches us how we can share that grace more effectively.

  • It is my belief that the Holy Spirit moves within us through channels that the ancient people described as “meridians.” Meridians carry energy (qi) throughout the body and connect us to the energy of the universe. Likewise, in the Christian tradition, meridians serve to focus our attention on the energy of Jesus’ Holy Spirit that dwells among all people.

  • Healing in the Bible (and throughout faith history) often comes in the form of “laying on of hands.” In energy psychology, the same can be said about how healing is established. By utilizing the wisdom of ancient cultures who traced the vital energies as they flowed through our bodies (through what they described as “meridians”), we can track the vital energy of the Holy Spirit as it moves through our bodies and back into the world.
  • Tapping Into Prayer Now uses a "follow the leader" approach to tapping. You will learn where to tap by watching me and we will tap together. I will not generally lay hands on you, but will show you where you can access the meridian points that may address your particular issue. You may repeat the words I say as a common prayer for your healing.

  • At times, we may feel disconnected from the Holy's life giving flow. Our ability to experience the Spirit’s energy may be blocked by a trauma or dis-ease in our life...perhaps in the form of illness or a relationship that is out of balance. There are a number of life events internal and external to us that can leave us feeling drained instead of feeling “full of life!”

  • It is my belief that a wondrous mystery unfolds in the midst of tapping on various meridian endpoints while focusing on a particular issue. Healing happens and God's peace comes into focus.

  • It is my belief that Tapping Into Prayer Now is another way to pray, and, quickly connect with the Holy.
  • It is my belief that Tapping Into Prayer Now will change the way you think about and engage prayer.

I hope that you will try Tapping Into Prayer Now.

If you would like to see a video of some tapping, you can click the picture above. Please note that in the video I describe "tapping while you drive." My intention is that if you are in a car and feel the need to tap, you will pull over and safely tap while parked.