Monday, June 4, 2012

Role of Tapping Prayer Coach

Rev. Todd Farnsworth
I am not a licensed health care professional and I do not dabble in medical diagnosis or care.
I am an ordained minister (1987-present) in the United Church of Christ
I am pastor of an Open and Affirming church (
I am Level 1 ACEP certified for energy psychology (5/12).
I am Level 2 Trained for Emotioinal Freedom Technique (Greg Carpenter, 11/11)
I am bound by the Code of Ethics put forth by the United Church of Christ  (UCC) as well as the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP).

I've been trying to figure out how to describe my role in Tapping Into Prayer Now. I just tapped and prayed and I realize that there probably are no perfect words to describe a unique experience. There is only the experience itself and the after effects of that moment.

I have been sharing tapping prayer with people in my community for 6 months now. I am impressed by the way it has connected folks who have felt detached from God, detached from the Holy, detached from any higher power, reconnect. I have been amazed at the ways people have been emboldened by the prayers. I have been mystified by how easy it is to do and how fast it all works. I guess that is why I'm in this. It is fun, fast, and it seems to be helping people.

Above are my qualifications to be a tapping prayer coach. Below is how I see my role in the journey.

My role as a tapping prayer coach is to help folks focus the healing presence of God’s Spirit (the Holy, Jesus' love, Source Energy, Higher Power, etc) on to issues that are concerning them and keeping them from experiencing peace. Some of these issues may have early childhood roots. Some of them may stem from more recent incidents. By using techniques from the disciplines of Energy Psychology (see ACEP ) and my experience of 24 years ministry in the United Church of Christ, I offer an opportunity for healing that is both rapid and long lasting. I cannot guarantee "success" in every case, but I can guarantee that if we do not experience "success" in a given session, there is no charge for my ministry. Really.

My practice takes place in one on one sessions or in educational settings such as a retreat, seminar, or Bible study. My hope is to help you experience the closeness of the Holy now

--Rev. Todd Farnsworth.

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