Tuesday, July 31, 2012


To EFT Universe, et al,

Greetings from Belchertown, MA where EFT and Tapping is now planted, taking root, and is beginning to poke through the rocky soil!

My name is Todd Farnsworth and I began my journey with EFT a year and a half ago when I received training in the basics at a workshop for helping veterans. Since that time I have had more training and I have  become more intrigued by the possibilities of EFT. In my setting as a local pastor (24 years in the United Church of Christ) I have begun using tapping as part of my ministry.

I have been interested to read in your newsletter about the ways science has been supporting the findings of EFT. From the big article that came out in late Spring (albeit a bit premature)  to Brain Wave testing. EFT is in the news!

I will be sharing some basic EFT with fellow clergy in a couple of weeks and as I was preparing my remarks about it, I felt my anxiety beginning to grow. This will be my “coming out” party re: tapping, and I’d like it to go well. When I identified the anxiety I began to tap on it, and I wanted to share with you something that I think is important.

One of the issues I tapped on was: “this EFT that defies hard science.” As I felt my anxiety drop from a 7 to a 0 I realized that EFT doesn’t need to answer to “hard science” anymore than religion/faith has to line up squarely with archaeological  evidence!

Faith is not about repeatability, it is about experience that is personal and relational and profound and transformative. I believe that EFT/Tapping serves a similar purpose. It takes the client and the practitioner closer to a healing power that is beyond themselves, and focuses that healing energy/spirit/chi so that peace may prevail.

One of the conundrums our modern era presents is a bias towards logic and scientific discovery. I have no problem with scientific discovery (I was a Biology major in college), it has brought many valuable gifts into the world and made them accessible to the masses. My concern is that when we try to squeeze mystery into the controlled box of science, we do both disciplines a disservice. I believe that both EFT and science can live side by side as complimentary studies of the same phenomena. EFT focusing on healing and peace. Science focusing on how that works, if it can be determined. We can use our language. The scientists can use their language. We are about different goals, and that is OK.  

I am going to go forward with more training in EFT (I just purchased Gary Craigs Art of Delivery videos and I’m gobbling them up!) and I look forward to growing the flock who looks to it as a resource for healing in their lives (as a pastor, I combine EFT with prayer to allow people within the Christian tradition to experience the healing touch of  God’s Spirit). I will encourage my colleagues to “embrace the mystery” that makes a difference. I’m not going to  worry about the science behind EFT (I already tapped on that!). I’m just going to keep on marveling at the rapid and life transforming results that it yields to the people I minister to and with.
Rev. Todd Farnsworth

ps. for more reading about faith and science, please check out this interesting article: Understanding science and religion

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