Thursday, January 1, 2015


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Here is my “basic recipe” for Tapping Into Prayer Now. It is a derivation of the process created by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT. Gary is pretty specific about how this process works, so I am quite sure that he would not approve of or endorse my “recipe.” That said, the basic TAPPING PRAYER may be done on oneself or a partner may facilitate the “tapping” process.

Because tapping prayer is reliant on focusing our intentions on a particular issue,  it is important to identify a place of anxiety or discomfort in yourself or the individual you are praying with.

Basic Recipe

    1. Decide on an issue to focus on. Rate the issue on a scale of 0-10 regarding how upsetting the issue is to you.(This number is called a Subjective Unit of Distress, or SUD). This is important, because later on  it will help you assess the shifting of the Spirit, and if/where there are other areas around the issue that need healing.
    2. Offer a prayer of awareness and thanksgiving in anticipation of the healing
    3. Create a set up statement for your prayer,”Even though I have this specific problem...”
    4. Create an affirming statement for your prayer. This statement makes room for God’s hope to enter into the equation: “...I am deeply loved and completely accepted by God.”
      • NOTE: some people do not believe this to be true, in which case you need to modify this statement to something they can believe such as, “ I can consider being fully loved and deeply accepted by God/the Holy/Jesus....” or “I deserve to be deeply loved and completely accepted by the Holy.”
    5. Begin tapping at the karate chop point while stating the set up and affirming statement together. For example: “Even though I have (this specific problem), I am deeply loved and completely accepted by God.” I use 3 fingers to cover the most space when I am prayer tapping. You can use one hand or two (more about that later). After tapping on the karate chop point while saying the set up/affirming statement three times, move on to other tapping points. At each of the other tapping points, tap 5-10 times while saying the set up/affirming statement. See diagram for details.
      • Karate chop (area below the small finger and wrist). State the set up and affirming statements 3X while tapping here.
    • Karate chop x 3
    • Top of head
    • eye brow
    • outer eye
    • under eye
    • under nose
    • under lip
    • collarbone
    • under arm
    • wrists
  • Second time through, start at top of head and just use set up phrase and additional details of your problem on all points
  • Third time through, alternate between set up phrase and affirming statement. End with whole statement on top of head.
  • End with a deep breath and a word of thanks to the Holy for working to bring your soul toward peace.,
  • Evaluate on a scale of 1-10 how the issue feels to you. Note any residual issues that might have come up during the tapping prayer. Ask God to guide you in tapping on those issues.

Here is a link to an excellent video re: tapping. It is a little bit different from the order I suggest, but it will demonstrate the basic motions involved: How to Tap Video . I should mention that although The Tapping Solution does not focus on tapping as a spiritual discipline it is a great resource for tapping information.

*Additional Resources: ,,,

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