Friday, July 20, 2012

Tapping on the Tragedy in Colorado

This morning we awoke to the tragic news of a gunman killing several people in a movie theater in Aurora, CO. Hundreds of other theaters around the country were showing the same movie without incident, but the horror which took place in this one theater holds us in its grip. 
Our son had seen the same movie last night. Had a great time with his friends. Today, we are all a bit shaken by what happened to people we don't know...because it coulda been us. It coulda been our kid. It coulda been our theater. It coulda been our the time it was our tragedy...different circumstances...but a tragedy nonetheless, and we were directly impacted by a senseless act of violence.
It might have been on 9/11/2001. It might have been at the time of the Oklahoma bombings. It might have been a friend who was killed by a drunk driver...or a driver who was texting.
When we read about or hear about similar scenarios of violence that don't make sense, we tend to recoil...literally "coil again." Like a snake. We tense up. Become hyper sensitive. Prepare to attack or take flight because something has threatened us, or perhaps, the thought of something has threatened us.

Tapping Prayer can assist us in dealing with those strong, sometimes paralyzing feelings associated with random acts of violence. 

  • Take note of how tense you are feeling when you see a report about the shooting in CO. On a scale of 1-10, how hard does it push your buttons.
  • Try to remember a time from your own life, when something left you feeling similarly. Give that memory a title, such as: The Time I Was Cut Off in Traffic by someone who had fallen asleep at the wheel, and almost hit an oncoming car (note: it doesn't have to be an elegant title, just a title that makes sense to you.)
  • Begin tapping your Karate Chop point (see Basic Recipe) and say the words:  Dear God who calls me to peace, i am troubled today by a memory that holds me in its grip. It is a memory that, when I think of it, I experience a # of anxiety or fear. It is a strong fear for my life, and I am ready to entrust it to you so that I can feel peace. Even though I have this (insert title of your memory here), I am deeply loved and completely accepted by you.
  • Top of Head: Even though I am troubled by this (insert title), I am deeply loved and completely accepted by you.
  • Continue with same words at each tapping point, then return to top of head...
  • Top of Head: This frightening memory.
  • Eyebrow: This time when things were out of control
  • Outer Eye: This time when I felt so afraid.
  • Under Eye: This time when I wondered where you were, God.
  • Under Nose: This time when I felt alone.
  • Under Lip: This frightening time.
  • Collarbone: This # memory.
  • Underarm: This fear filled incident in my life.
  • Top of head: Even though I have this fear filled incident, I am deeply loved and completely accepted by you.
  • Eyebrow: I am not alone.
  • Outer Eye: You are watching out for me and those I love.
  • Under Eye: You are ready to pick up the pieces when things fall apart.
  • Under Nose: You are my healing God.
  • Under Lip: You can help me feel peace.
  • Collarbone: Your Spirit can bring me healing.
  • Underarm: Even though I am troubled by this (insert title), I am deeply loved and completely accepted by you.
  • Top of Head: I am deeply loved and completely accepted by you...and for that I am grateful. Amen.
  • Take a deep breath and then exhale.
  • Try thinking about the incident that you were tapping on. Check what number you are feeling about the incident now. Try thinking about the incident in CO. See if that number has come down any. If it has not come down, try tapping directly on that incident.
God is present in our healing. By tapping through with prayer, we can activate the Holy Spirit to bring about that healing more directly and efficiently. 

May our loving Creator be with you and all of our sisters and brothers in Aurora, CO in the days to come. May the Holy bring you healing.

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