Wednesday, April 24, 2013

THURSDAY THUMP: What do you get when the Holy heals your hurt?

(Note: Due to time constraints this week I am unable to produce an original tapping prayer re: pain...apparently my blog on "not enough time to do everything" relaxed me a LOT! 

Pain is a big issue and I want to do it justice, so please hang in there until Tuesday. I promise. It will be there for you. This is an earlier article I wrote about how the Holy attends to our pain. I hope it is provides you with some good food for thought

What do you get when the Holy heals your hurt? 

That's a very good question. It's a question I do not know the answer to, because the healing that comes from tapping prayer is so intimate and personal, that only you and God will really understand what the healing means. It may open a door to a further discovery...something terrifying and big and up til now, hidden from your awareness. It may allow you to breathe a little easier. It may give you the first good night's sleep you've had in a very long time. It may make you laugh...or cry...or wonder out loud, "What was that???"

My experience with tapping prayer has elicited all of the above, and more. It has given me a vehicle for exploring where I hurt, in a safe and sacred way. 

It's safe, because the way tapping prayer unfolds is somewhat controlled...not by me, but by the client who decides which issue they want to pray about. I won't go where you do not lead. I may nudge edges to try and make something more specific, but those are just guesses and you are free to say, "nope, that doesn't work" and we'll move on. It's safe because it is about healing, not wishing. Wishing sets up expectations that may not be possible. Wishing projects a specific outcome into the future. Maybe that outcome will occur. Maybe it won't. There is a defined end to a wish (it's either fulfilled or not), and when that end comes, the growth of the individual tends to cease.

Healing is about hope. It is about a process. It attends to the issue at hand. It is not certain of the outcome...yet it trusts that the efforts of everyone involved is focused on seeing the client comfortable, more at peace, more centered and more whole. Maybe not "wholly whole" (my theology leaves that up to the time beyond this time when the Holy makes all things new...) but better than before. That making "better" may involve dissolving an issue that once kept us from feeling peace; it may involve lifting up an issue so that we can better understand what needs to happen to experience the peace we've been seeking; healing is a journey that keeps choogling on down the tracks. It has dynamic movement associated with it. It is an adventure that keeps on challenging us to find "one more thing" to fix. Like love, it never ends...and that's what makes it sacred.

The process of tapping prayer is surrounded by love. It believes that the Holy truly loves you; truly desires to see you whole; truly has your best interests in heart and will work like crazy to be in a deeper relationship with you. That sacred relationship makes the adventure of healing less frightening and more of a celebration of discovery. We get to focus on or discover where we've been hurt in the past, and how God/the Holy is attending to those hurts in our present. We get to witness and experience a taste of things to come as issue after issue is targeted and attended to by the Holy Spirit. Trust me, She does good work. She does the kind of work that we can read about in the Bible; bringing peace and comfort to the afflicted (which I believe is pretty much all of us!), allowing God's spirit to flow freely through our bodies and our communities. This free flow state gives us the space to make clear decisions about ever changing choices in our condition. We are no longer stuck with fight, flight, or freeze. We are liberated. We are loved.

What do you get when the Holy heals your hurt?

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